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You may have heard the phrase “Family Law” or perhaps “Family Attorney” when looking for an attorney to fit your needs.  Family Attorneys is not as intuitive to understand as a Criminal Attorney, or DUI Attorney, at least not at first glance.  What is a Family Attorney then?  And what is Family Law?

Family Law is the area of Law that deals with family relationships. Marriage and divorce fall under family law, as do custody rights.  Adoption, child support, marriage, divorce, all of these are legal areas pertaining to one’s family.  You might find Lawyers and Attorneys who specialize in one of these areas, such as Divorce Attorneys, but a Family Law Attorney has the experience necessary to help you with any family related legal issue.

Family Law is often emotionally charged, as many disputes result from breakdowns or damage in a marriage.  As such, Family Law attorneys are exposed to raw emotional cases of their clients.  Those Lawyers and Attorneys who practice Family Law are often driven to do so because they truly wish to help their clients through what may be the most difficult period of their lives.  Family Law is not often a wildly profitable area of law, so those who practice it are driven by results much more than profits.

When looking for a Family Law attorney you can find individual practitioners as well as small local law firms, and in some cases, larger law firms with family practice divisions. Family law is usually a regional practice, with a handful of different attorneys and lawyers operating in one area.  Finding a Family Attorney is usually as simple as looking up local attorneys and comparing their costs and results.  If you aren’t sure whether or not your case is considered family law, here are just a few areas that

Family Law Attorneys Cover:

Divorce Proceedings: Family Attorneys often cover divorce proceedings, and handle the civil litigation proceedings.  Divorce proceedings almost always include Alimony and Spousal Support.  A Family Law Attorney will help you make sure that the correct amount of Alimony is selected by the court.  Another aspect of divorce proceedings that come up regularly in civil litigation is pre-nuptial (or post nuptial) agreement litigation, if an agreement does exist.

Child Custody and Child Support: Family Law Attorneys help clients get the desired amount of custody over their children in cases of divorce or abuse. Physical and legal custody can be joint between the parents, but a Family Law Attorney can help you get sole custody if your ex-partner is unfit or unwilling. According to Law, children are entitled to support from both parents, and a Family law attorney can ensure that the child gets the support legal owed them.

Spousal Abuse:  Family law extends to cases of domestic abuse.  Family Law attorneys might represent parents or guardians who are accused of abuse, both physical and mental, or they might represent children who have been the victims of abuse.

A Family Law Attorneys main goal is to help their client navigate the dissolution of a legal partnership that has gone sour.  Family Law Attorneys seek to attain a speedy and equitable resolution to Family Law disputes so their clients can move on to a new, and happier chapter in their lives.

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