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Watching movies is a common hobby of a lot people. However, watching movies at home is an even nicer luxury because you can enjoy quality entertainment without having to leave the comforts of your own house.

Another aspect of movie watching is that some people can’t afford to buy movies from the store, or to order them through their cable provider. There are many different ways to try and find free movies online to watch.

Search YouTube

One of the goals for YouTube is to share short videos that are uploaded by their users. But there is also the option to upload longer videos, and even full-length movies that are available to stream for free on their site. While YouTube has been expanding their services into the online rental realm, which does require a small fee, there are still some movies that have been uploaded completely legally which you can watch for free on their website.

The number of films available on their site tends to change over time for YouTube, but you can search any time for a current list of all the free movies that are streaming on YouTube.

Using an Ad-Supported Website

There are plenty of streaming sites that requires the user to have a subscription and pay a monthly fee, which can be stressful for those living on a tight budget. What most people don’t know, however, is that there are plenty of free sites for users to watch movies for free. They generate profit by selling their ads time while the user watches something.

Two of the most popular websites that are ad-supported are Hulu and Crackle. Some people are only aware of Hulu’s monthly subscription service (which costs a fee), but it is actually free to use without the upgrade to Hulu Plus.

Get a Free Trial to Subscription Sites

If you’re looking for certain movies that you are not finding on these above-mentioned sites, then it may be useful to just get free trials from different subscription sites in order to watch the movie you are looking for. Sites like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime offer their users a free trial period in the hopes that they will use their full services and pay for a monthly subscription.

Most of these trial periods are around 30 days, so users can utilize this by accessing each platform’s large database of movies. That way, after you use the free trial for one subscription site, you can jump to the next subscription service and use their free trial until it runs out.

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